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Maurice O’Brien

My name is Maurice O’Brien, I was born in and currently live in Limerick.⁠

For my introduction I chose the prompt “Why did you begin?”.⁠
My interest in art originated with reading Marvel Comics when I was 10 years old. I started to copy the figures of Spider-Man and all the others and developed a lifelong interest in all things visual. In⁠
previous years I would have worked predominantly with pen and ink drawing but I have been painting for around the last 20 years, working with acrylics.⁠

I don’t have any formal art training, having an engineering degree. Over the years I would have done some evening courses primarily in life drawing, probably driven by my original interest in the figures⁠
in those comic pages.⁠

The subject matter that interests me is pretty diverse. While my main interest is in the portrait and the figure, I tend to paint anything that piques my interest or is a challenge in that I may not have⁠
tackled the subject before.⁠

This year I joined a local group artists, Art Limerick, which has finally given me an opportunity to show my work in public, this has further widened my choice of subject, being inspired by the work of⁠
some of the other artists in the group.⁠

Further sample of my artworks can be seen on my Instagram account, linked below.