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Marie Jumelle

Hi! My name is Marie Jumelle and I’m an artist mainly creating Digital Art at the moment, although my preferred medium is oil on canvas and wood. I’m originally French and have grown up here in Ireland. I’ve always loved being creative and while I was an eager painter in my younger days, I stopped for a long time as life took over. Its something that I always missed.⁠

I recently discovered digital art and it inspired me to create more and more. I decided to have confidence in my work, in myself, and to create art for a living which I’m so glad I did!

I like playing with light and textures in my work, and my style is whatever I feel in the moment, sometimes abstract with focus on light and colour, other times naive scenes influenced by what’s around me. It’s hard making a name for yourself in this area which can be disheartening, but I think confidence in yourself and enjoying your creative journey is the most important focus to have.