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After 2 years teaching dance part time I realised the impact of my classes in people’s lives and in my own life. That was a big reason for me to decide to go full time as a dance teacher. Being a dancer and being a dance teacher are two very different things. I do work in shootings, shows and performances but it is only in the classes that I find reasons, over and over, to pursue my craft. My dance class is a tool, it brings cultural awareness, body and self-confidence, healing, courage, a safe space to meet people from different backgrounds and to work on our own pre judgments…

Seeing students grow not only in the dance itself but specially in their own lives is the engine behind what I do. This year I launched Kwetu, my dance brand. It has been only 5 months and I have support and recognition from students from more than 40 nationalities, and I have created a solid dance community in Ireland and Turkey. “Your energy” is usually based on the feedback I get, if you ever attend my class you will understand very well what it means.