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Katie Lee Lynch

Myself and the super talented @davidolashoyinka created this music video for the absolutely enchanting singer/songwriter, @thisisetain. It was a zero budget video, shot over the course of a day, directed and edited by me, shot and colour-graded by David. It can be very hard to get started in a creative industry, but the best advice I could offer to someone looking to get started in the arts is to find like-minded people and stick together. Support each other, create art together, and share the burden of the energy needed to pursue something like this. 

Sharing knowledge with each other can be a good way to reduce the amount of gatekeeping going on in creative industries too – financial advice, career tips, creative critiques. I am so grateful to be collaborating with my lovely friends, and talented colleagues David and Étáin. They inspire and excite me, and seeing their success keeps me ambitious and hopeful about a career in the creative industry. Get out and meet people! There’s nothing better than a good friend.