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Jack Thompson

Hi, my name is Jack Thompson and I’m a Co. Waterford based award-winning Contemporary Fine Art Photographer, Painter and Mixed Media Artist originating from the UK.⁠

As a portraitist first and foremost, I’m equally at home with Contemporary image making, Social Documentary, Theatre and Music photography, Landscape, Figurative, and Fine Art. ⁠

There’s a common thread of timelessness, tenderness, poetry and humanity throughout my work – which explores the landscape of nostalgia, love, identity, loneliness, memory, romanticism, tragedy, transcendence and beauty of the human condition.⁠

Whilst I’ve made art for as long as I can remember, I was a late-comer to professional art practice. With a few lucky breaks, plus a lot of hard work; perseverance; creating opportunities (rather than waiting or relying on them to land on the doorstep); a positive attitude, and also acceptance that the art world is quite an ongoing challenge to navigate(!), I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a number of solo and joint exhibitions since I professionally embarked on this journey, and that my work has also found its place in various private collections around the world.⁠

For me, being an Artist isn’t so much a choice. I sincerely believe that we all have it in us to create (whatever it may be), though the creating and the process behind it is very much a choice. ⁠

For anyone who is nervous or apprehensive about starting to make art, I’d say – just give it a go! You don’t need expensive equipment, so have fun, play around, and try not to judge yourself by anyone else’s measure – as there are no rules! What you create is part of, and an expression of your Self, and so by your very existence – it can never be ‘wrong’ or ‘rubbish’.⁠

My artworks, projects, latest news, and more can be viewed on my website, where my Limited and Open Edition Fine Art prints and books can be bought through my secure online shop.⁠

You can also find me on Instagram at and contact me at