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iulian Bocancea

iulian Bocancea, was born in Piatra Neamt, Romania and for the past decade he has been living in Dublin, Ireland. ⁠

Bocancea’s paintings are exploring the materiality of thoughts and feelings into artworks. The need to express his feelings made him follow up his inner call and pursue a visual artist career. ⁠
He graduated from National College of Arts and Design in 2021 and obtained a BA in Fine Arts Painting. ⁠

Just after his graduation, he starts working as the Technical Officer in the Painting Department in the University of NCAD, where he provides supportive assistance to staff and to students in bringing their conceptual ideas to fruition.⁠

iulian Bocancea’s most recent paintings begin by articulating an abstraction of his inner emotions, upon which he develops them further by adding representational imagery. In an experimental way he uses photographic sources to recreate memories from the past, but more important is that his paintings are rooted in the present, creating a thorough provoking process for the viewers. Transparent, semi-transparent and opaque layers are achieved by his use of pigments, oils, and diluted paints; that enables him to create a dynamic layered history of painted visual information.”⁠

“Imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein ⁠