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Flavia Bianchi

I am a very visual person – I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 10 years and currently I work as a Content Specialist. In a way, getting into painting wasn’t miles away from what I’ve always been interested in.

I started painting in November 2020 after a breakup. I had some cheap watercolours and an obsession with the universe so I painted as many planets as I possibly could. I decided to try painting with acrylic, got obsessed and ditched the watercolour for good. Today I have a whole collection of moons, planets and space paintings all over the house from the planet-painting phase.

After a short break, I’ve discovered a passion for still-life in 2022. I’ve gone through fruits, sushi, dominoes, gummy bears, donuts and some more fruits. I plan to explore much more, but I know now what direction I want to go.

As I’ve improved, I decided this can be a side earner and maybe more in the future, so I started posting everything on my Instagram page and website to see where my secret painting career can lead me to – I also love to see how people will react to my art, so that’s a big plus. Maybe one day the roles will be reversed and I’ll become a painter by day and Content Specialist in my free time – you never know!