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Eoin Coveney

I am an illustrator and designer, working for 30 years for Irish and international clients. I was trained in sequential art and Comics by Will Eisner (of the Eisner Awards fame) in the mid ’90’s. ⁠

I have particular strengths in the human figure and facial expression. Whatever the brief may be, I consider my primary role to be a communicator. Emotion must inform and radiate from the piece for it to be a truly complete work of art. ⁠
Comics was my first love as a child and I make a substantial portion of my income as a comic artist. ⁠

I have designed film posters, pre- visualised advertising campaigns, produced board game art and worked for innumerable magazines and newspapers.

Being a visual artist is a privilege and a responsibility but it involves a lot of work to advance and maintain one’s vision. ⁠I’m still doing it.