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Dermot Browne

Hi, Dermot here. Some of my earliest memories were of spending too much time in the 80’s watching my Dad repair TV’s and the test-card colours just fascinated me but there is no specific place that I “started”, being an artist.

There was no conscious desire to “pursue” art, but when you find yourself doodling cubist structures in class at 16 years old, and you watch those 10 min art films at lunchtime on TV, then you realise early that your ship has probably come in.

I always suspected that there was something wrong with the structures of our society, and artists seemed to be allowed to speak to those problems and to be individuals in their own right.

But I have been lucky to have had a parallel life in the Mind-Body space. Meditation in particular helps to soften the edges of what is a hard route as an artist. I still see artists too readily accepting the “sufferance” model, without asking “who benefits from this?”.
As a curator with a small “c”, I have been lucky enough to have added spaces to the desperately lacking Irish Visual Arts infrastructure.

Currently showing “Love Directions” @one_space_culture and “Le Salon du Kerry”  @cranevisualart But in general the challenges that I face as an artist are the same as other artists; we want to be in the studio, but the way things are set up, one needs to be an admin/PR/strategy/handshaker/cappuccino drinker. In a time of disrupted markets I am happy to be offering a different path that artists seem to appreciate.

In my own practice I derive a lot of inspiration from patterns in both Nature and Urban environments. I’m seeking Flow, both internally and externally, but I would draw a strong
distinction between “influences” and “interests”. Abstract Painting in particular offers me the space in which the “means” and the “meaning” are quite close together.

Having trained as a Life-Coach, I would probably tell my younger self that many of our problems as artists (and people!) are around navigating relationships.
As artists we don’t measure well the levels of healthy doubt or indecision. If you are starting art tomorrow, don’t forget to enjoy the good and the bad in equal measures!