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I’m Dean and I have been doing art since I was kid. It is what has always given me a sense of home and escapism. I somewhat fell away from it for a while as I spent some years travelling and got more into photography, meaning I would only sketch from time to time. Upon returning to Dublin, I rekindled my love for it. I have predominantly used pencil when doing so, keeping very monochromatic and I would stay within the areas I felt I was good at and comfortable doing, such as flora and fauna, anime, landscape and so forth.⁠

After a while I wanted to push myself, not only in my abilities but also in having the confidence to showcase my work to the public.

 I therefore entered the world of digital art and it has resulted in my pushing myself and trying the areas that I always wanted to get into and feel confident drawing, but felt inadequate in my ability to do so. Now, my inspiration comes from people, clothes, events, occasions and more than I ever thought I could achieve.⁠

I love to explore and try new textures, colour palettes and art styles. I don’t know if I would say I have fully found my art style just yet, but it is all a part of the journey.⁠

It can be hard to motivate oneself and there are disheartening moments, but creativity requires risk taking. Finding that inspiration and confidence in oneself fuels creativity like few other things.