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David Hamilton

I’ve been obsessed with film music since I was a kid, back in the early 2000s most kids my age had mp3 players filled with Green Day and whatnot, mine was filled with soundtracks. I fell in love with Howard Shores Lord of the Rings symphony and that was really the biggest inspiration for me, it made me want to write music that can tell a story as vividly as the picture can.
This is what I strive to do in my music, I try to capture and hopefully heighten the characters, their journey and the world of a film.

My advice for anyone starting out as a composer would be to listen to as many different types of music and film music as possible, and draw from them all, and of course be headstrong and patient. It’s a very competitive industry, and the way forward is to work hard and don’t let rejection get you down!
Best of luck to all!