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Taryn Barling

MEETING Taryn Barling Hi I’m Taryn, a Photographer in Dublin. I specialise in Portraiture, Events, Animals and Street Photography. I always had an interest in photography and have incorporated it… Read More »Taryn Barling

Harry Phipps

MEETING Harry Phipps In the mid nineties Harry began creating photographs and images.⁠⁠While developing and scanning film in a local photo lab he started⁠ to realise the beauty and wonder… Read More »Harry Phipps


MEETING Steve Turner My name is Steve Turner. I am a self taught photographer based in Dublin.⁠⁠These selected images are from an ongoing project titled “The world passing by”. The… Read More »STEVE TURNER

Hazel Coonagh

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MEETING Hazel Coonagh Hazel Coonagh is a photographic and embroidery artist from Dublin. Hazel’s work explores aspects of personal experience, our connection with the natural world and feminist centric themes.… Read More »Hazel Coonagh

Dave Crowley

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MEETING Dave Crowley I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and photographer, who has worked in the arts in Ireland for a while now. It all started with scribbling on… Read More »Dave Crowley

Ishmael Claxton⁠

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MEETING Ishmael Claxton⁠ Ishmael is original from New York, living in Ireland foe nine years,. His work combines elements from his academic, personal and professional background in mathematics, art history,… Read More »Ishmael Claxton⁠

Jack Thompson

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MEETING Jack Thompson Hi, my name is Jack Thompson and I’m a Co. Waterford based award-winning Contemporary Fine Art Photographer, Painter and Mixed Media Artist originating from the UK.⁠⁠As a… Read More »Jack Thompson

Ferg Flannery

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MEETING Ferg Hello, I’m Ferg, a photographer based in the South West of Ireland. My photography is predominantly centered around capturing the atmospheric essence of the Irish coast, emphasizing its… Read More »Ferg Flannery


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MEETING ArtDrey Audrey Blue (b.1998) is an Irish fine artist from Derry, Northern Ireland and is currently based in Belfast N.I. Her media include analogue photography, painting, printmaking and other… Read More »ARTDREY

Diogo Pietsch

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MEETING Diogo Pietsch My name is Diogo Pietsch and I’m a Portrait photographer based in Dublin. ⁠⁠I love using natural light and green areas around Dublin to create my art.⁠⁠I… Read More »Diogo Pietsch