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MEETING Noha Nasser Hi I’m Noha 👋⁠⁠I’m a self-taught artist originally from Egypt, but living in Ireland with my husband and our lovely cat. ⁠⁠After working as a graphic designer… Read More »NOHA NASSER

Rachel Cunningham

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MEETING Rachel Cunningham I’m an artist based in Dublin, I studied animation in Ballyfermot many years ago, after that I went on to teach my own life drawing classes and… Read More »Rachel Cunningham

Kaylie Blue

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MEETING Kaylie Blue Kaylie Blue is an artist from Ireland, and she creates art tutorials on her YouTube channel. ⁠ Link to my Youtube: Kaylie BlueART BOOK 20/4 —… Read More »Kaylie Blue

Kyle Hargreaves

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MEETING Kyle Hargreaves Hi, I’m Kyle, an artist living in Dublin. Originally from the UK, I moved to a Ireland with my now wife in 2017.⁠⁠I’ve always loved drawing and… Read More »Kyle Hargreaves


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MEETING Artaledia Hi! I’m Alexandra. I’m a digital and a traditional artist most of my work is portrait based but sometimes it does vary from still life to landscapes as… Read More »Artaledia


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MEETING Moezee Hi, my name is Moezee. I started making art back in primary school but never thought I’d seriously try to be an artist. I mainly like to draw… Read More »Moezee