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My name is Bernadene, I’m a 23 year old part time artist based in Northern Ireland. 

I graduated from my BA honours in Fine Art at Ulster University at Belfast in 2021. After graduating, I focused more on pet portraits, which have always been a passion of mine. To me, pets play a huge part in our lives. They should be cherished. I believe a drawing creates a connection. Therefore, I pour my soul into every drawing to try to capture not just how their pet looks but also their personality as well. This provides a connection for the owner to their pet.

I work mainly in tonal studies as I love the simplicity but depth and texture that can be created by just using pencils. Although I do the occasionally coloured portrait using acrylic or gouache/watercolour as well if requested.

Jesmonite to create personalised gifts. I love the freedom of the material and how unpredictable it can be. It is such a contrast to the detailed constricted work of the portrait drawings and allows me to be more expressive. I make keyrings, coasters, tray, inscense burners, wine glass holders and ghosts at Halloween.