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I am Ankita from Gujarat, India. I came to Dublin with my family in 2017. I loved doing Art & Crafts since childhood but lost touch while growing up, got involved more in studies & did Chartered Accountancy. Also worked in the accounting field for a while but I always felt I didn’t belong here & doing something creative gave me happiness & peace.⁠

In 2015 I started my youtube channel named – ‘AnkiNish Creations’ & got back to the world of Arts, Crafts & Creativity. In 2018 I started making paintings to sell. Most of my works are based on Ancient Indian art styles like Mandala Paintings, Madhubani art, Lippan art etc.

Mesmerised by Ireland’s natural beauty I also started incorporating Irish Landscapes in my Indian style paintings. I am grateful to get the opportunities to make commissioned artworks for various art collectors, participate in different Art events like Artsource, Dublin Pleinair, Solo & Group Art shows etc. & I hope this journey continues.⁠

Love Being Creative⁠

AnkiNish Creations⁠