AOD has been created and fuelled by artists. Our mission is to contribute positively to Ireland’s artists’ growth and success by doubling the engagement on their creations. Our co-founders have specialised in two very important areas: video production and digital marketing.

“We collect success stories, not followers.”

We are the only platform that provides premium digital marketing knowledge for free. Dozens of companies have paid thousands for the same service from the same digital marketing expert that works with AOD and our DOP is fostering a booming international reputation due to his talent for videography.


An artist choosing to live and breathe their craft is probably one of the most courageous choices one can make. An artist mustn’t just “create”: they must also work part time jobs, deal with the skepticism of their loved ones and fight against their own insecurities thoroughly, day in, day out.

Moreover, they must put their work out consistently, network, and show up relentlessly, hoping to be at the right place at the right time. Marketing is yet another crucial aspect of their artistic duties and it shouldn’t be that way. With the attention span decreasing from 7 to 2 seconds, it is now, more than ever before, hard to get the deserved attention.

This is why Artists of Dublin (AOD) was created. To give a chance and help any artist, serious about their craft, big or small, to have a place that takes care of creating awareness around their craft, & make their life ever so slightly easier.


Francesca Michaud

Francesca realised very early on that Social Media had the power to alter our reality, back when that was seen as ‘a crazy thought’. She has been working for 7 companies ranging from startups to big multinationals such as Adidas, IPG, PwC and Google. She is now extremely requested in Europe and has been declining offer after offer to dedicate herself to what she really loves: the performing arts. Aiming to have an impact wherever she goes, she is now dedicating her marketing skills to artists, while running her own company Spekyo Ltd.

Ambitious, knowledgeable and persistent, she has made it her mission to alleviate the financial and mental stress that Irish artists endure due to their courageous choice of following their calling.

David Shoyinka

David Shoyinka is a Dublin based Director of Photography who specialises in narrative film production. Since he launched his career shooting his graduation film “The Winner” (2021) which went on to achieve a Galway Film Fleadh Selection, he has continued that momentum ever since making a name for himself within the Irish Film community.

David Shoyinka’s cinematography is a combination of life experience, art, culture, curiosity and style. His unique process together with an ability to shape light allows him to capture drama as well as realism and create compelling images in which he is fast building a reputation for.


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